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Scrapbooking…where do I start? July 2, 2008

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Where do I start?  I’m trying to decide where to begin about scrapbooking?  When did it all start?  How did I ever get to the point of designing my own paper?  So many different topics, so little time…

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not a writer nor do I claim to be.  You probably won’t see any philosophical posts nor my inner-most thoughts.  God just didn’t give me those talents.  What he did give me was some creative genes.  After thinking about it, I realized that everyone in my family is a crafter of some sort.  My Mom used to own a fabric store and still sews just about every day.  My Dad is a mason and has worked with his hands for his entire life.  Both of my brothers are into woodworking and DIY projects in the home.  Sooo, I guess I should have some creativity.

Like many of you, I started scrapbooking several years ago (probably around 1999).  My sisters-in-law (or is it sister-in-laws?) and stepmother purchased a bunch of Creative Memories tools and products for me to do my wedding album.  Well, needless to say, I haven’t finished the album.  I did, however, get started scrapbooking.  I still use some of the CM tools today.  One of the books I started with was a “1st year” book for my husband.  It contains events that took place the first year we were dating.  I look back at this book and I’m still amazed at the products used and the way the pages did (or did not) come together.  I think I purchased the album at Target.  I’m guessing it’s not acid nor lignin free.  Here are some pictures of some of my pages…

I apologize for the glare off the table.  I was not able to scan the book so I took photos of it and they’re not so hot.  This was a page about Eric and I meeting while working at Dean Foods.  Dean is a major dairy manufacturer so the title “Milk Brought Us Together” was used.  I hand cut the letters. 

My sister-in-law Laura worked for Habitat for Humanity in Seattle.  Eric visited her the first year we dated.  Look at the cityscape.  I think this was a diecut that I purchased.  I had to cut out the little windows with a craft knife.  I still, to this day, cannot use a craft knife.

I crashed Eric’s Sebring (it was the snow’s fault) the first year we were dating.  Look at the paper and how I used the craft scissors.  I still use scalloped scissors today – guess they were a good purchase! 

This is a page about Eric’s Uncle Larry and Uncle Jim giving me the run-around the first time we met.  They still like to tease.  Anyhow, look at my journaling.  I have never been one to journal much in my own handwriting.  I do now because I’ve accepted my messy handwriting and my friends give me a hard time about it.  I still type much of my journaling.  Today, you can find an endless number of fonts on the internet.

These are some zoo pages.  Take a look at my homemade giraffe!  I “lifted” it from a page out of an idea book.  I worked really hard to find the same paper used in the book.  Back then it was hard to find anything. 

This is the last page of the book – our engagement photos.  I remember buying the silver leaves at a Michaels store.  There was nothing like this for scrapbooking.  Look – scalloped edges again!

Things certainly have changed!  The scrapbooking industry has grown tremendously and every week new products are introduced into the marketplace.  My friend Jenn (who doesn’t scrapbook) walked into an Archiver’s to get an archival safe pen.  She said she was completely overwhelmed.  It can be overwhelming – even for the seasoned scrapbooker.  So where do you start? 

Where did I start?  Start simple.  The point of this post is to show you that we all have to start somewhere.  Find some paper that you like, maybe some alphabet stickers for a title and of course your photos.  Once you’re comfortable, try adding some rub-ons, stamps or brads.  I look back at this book and it makes me smile.  It’s not perfect but it holds memories and that’s what scrapbooking is all about!


2 Responses to “Scrapbooking…where do I start?”

  1. Mary Cluley Says:

    Hello and good evening!
    Good for you to get going on your scrapbooking! I think your key word is “simple.” I still believe in that. I do not do fancy pages but simple and my journalling of love to my children is very very important to me. I have been working on my 25 year old son’s album this week. I am on age 8. I LOVE it. I wrote this in my own handwriting on a page with his first school photos. I had tears.
    My Little Boy
    I remember when you were my little boy,
    My every waking moment belonged to you.
    One evening when I called you to supper,
    You came to the table all grown up.
    Where did all the in between go?
    Now, I shall always call you “my son”
    But in my heart…
    you’ll always be my little boy.
    I got this from This is a great website for ideas. Also, I humbly invite you to view my website: Go to “project center” for some GREAT ideas! Also, do look at our “Power Pallette” systems…theyare so EASY as everything matches. We also have new punches, etc. We deliver directly anywhere in the US. I would be honored to help you in any way. With every sincere good wish,
    Mary Cluley

  2. Karen Says:

    I am so glad that you posted these older layouts!!!! I have often thought of re-doing some of my older ones but that seems crazy when I’m not caught up now! It is fun to look back and see how our creativity has evolved (and to note how many awesome new products there are out there for us to use on our pages now!).

    I cannot wait until your products are available to BUY AND USE!!! You have got us all excited with your sneak peaks.

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