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Fun Bits from the week… June 23, 2008

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I’m trying to get into a routine of posting some fun stuff that happened in the last week.  With 3 little ones, things pass by quickly and I enjoy sharing them with you.  It also helps me keep a record of things.  I hope you enjoy reading them.

Fun Bits for the week of June 16th…

* Leah telling me she only wants 2 kids in our family.  I asked her why and she explained “that’s what all of my friends have”.  I guess some of you have to get on the ball and make more babies!

*  Kami chasing Lily around the first day she returned saying, “yea-yea, yea- yea, yea- yea” (that’s how she say’s Lily).

* Brooke and Kami staring (goofy, blank stares) at me while I was dancing in the kitchen one evening.  After a little bit they decided to join in.  Kami gets her hands going and Brooke started bobbing her head.

* Leah celebrated her 5th birthday Saturday with lots of family and friends.  She had a great time!




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