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Fun bits from the past week… June 9, 2008

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A few fun bits and pieces from the last week…

* Kami saying “PEEWWW” in this sweet little voice and waving her hand in front of her nose when we drove past a skunk.

* Leah falling asleep at midnight on our drive down to Hilton Head, waking up at 1:30am when we arrived at the hotel and saying “It’s about time” with some serious attitude.

* During our travels, we occasionally drove over some rumble strips on the side of the road.  Everytime we did this, Kami would say “wha dat?” 

* Brooke tapping her little chubby fingers on her highchair tray when she wanted more snacks – something she picked up from Kami.

* While driving through a tunnel in West Virginia, Leah exclaimed “Are we really UNDER the mountain?  That’s AMAZING”. 

* Brooke climbing up stairs for the first time.

* “Tore Up” is my new favorite saying!  Thanks to my cousin’s husband Jeff – who is a born and bred southern boy.

* My “Alphabeans” (cardstock stickers) designs are ready to send to the printer. 

A great week…




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