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Congrats to Jenn and Joacim June 9, 2008

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Congrats to my friend Jenn and her husband Joacim for the birth of baby “Izzy” (Isabelle Grace) born last Monday.  Jenn and Joacim live in Indianapolis.  We can’t wait to meet miss Izzy.  This is their first so we wish them all the best and lots of rest!  They will be great parents. 


Fun bits from the past week…

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A few fun bits and pieces from the last week…

* Kami saying “PEEWWW” in this sweet little voice and waving her hand in front of her nose when we drove past a skunk.

* Leah falling asleep at midnight on our drive down to Hilton Head, waking up at 1:30am when we arrived at the hotel and saying “It’s about time” with some serious attitude.

* During our travels, we occasionally drove over some rumble strips on the side of the road.  Everytime we did this, Kami would say “wha dat?” 

* Brooke tapping her little chubby fingers on her highchair tray when she wanted more snacks – something she picked up from Kami.

* While driving through a tunnel in West Virginia, Leah exclaimed “Are we really UNDER the mountain?  That’s AMAZING”. 

* Brooke climbing up stairs for the first time.

* “Tore Up” is my new favorite saying!  Thanks to my cousin’s husband Jeff – who is a born and bred southern boy.

* My “Alphabeans” (cardstock stickers) designs are ready to send to the printer. 

A great week…




Home Sweet Home…

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We had such a great time at the beach with my cousin Sherry and her family.  Most of our time was spent playing in the sand, jumping the waves and collecting seashells.  The girls really enjoyed themselves.  We all laughed at their sillyness.  My cousin has twin girls ages 2.5 so we had 5 under 5 and all girls!  They enjoyed playing dress-up, swimming in the pool, coloring, making bubbles and singing karaoke.  My cousin brought lots of great toys to share – thanks Sher!  

  Taylor and Kami playing in the water.

We were a short walk from the beach so everyday we would load up the wagon, fishing cart and beach cart with the goods and head off.   Leah was eager to help pull the wagon with the little ones in it.  Once we got to the beach it was sand time!  We attempted to build sandcastles which usually got trampled quickly.  The girls enjoyed running back n’ forth to the ocean to get water for our moat.  Kami enjoyed doing summersaults in the sand!  Brooke did not care for sand in her mouth but continued to keep trying it.  I was so proud of Leah – she really braved the ocean.  She is usually very afraid of the water.  She loved jumping the waves and didn’t freak out when she would get some water in her face. 

  Kami’s famous sand summersault.

  Leah wants to be a ballerina – can you tell? 

We spent one morning on a dolphin cruise and were fortunate to see several dolphins.  The girls got to take turns driving the boat.  We spent another day traveling to Charleston to see a friend.  We enjoyed some time on Market street and walked down on the waterfront.  There was a fountain on the waterfront that kids were playing in.  Leah was very concerned that she did not have a bathing suit to wear in the fountain.  She even suggested that we drive back to Hilton Head to get it – only a 4 hour drive there and back!  Since I said “no” to that, she suggested we go and buy one so she could go in the fountain.  No one ever said she wasn’t persistent.  On the way home we drove past battery park to see some of the beautiful old homes on the waterfront. 

  The dolphin cruise crew.

  I think this is Rainbow Row on the waterfront?

  One of my favs…

After a long 13 hour car ride on Saturday we were happy to be home.  The girls were happy to sleep in their beds.  I was excited to have my Tim Horton’s bagel on Sunday morning.   We all miss Lily and can’t wait for her to come home next week.