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Fun Bits from the week… June 30, 2008

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Fun bits from the week of June 23rd…

* Leah celebrating her 5th birthday!  Thank you to all of our friends and family who helped make #5 so special! 

*Now that Leah’s 5, she insists she does not need to take a nap!  I know…hard to believe that she still naps! 

* Kami (who’s 23 months) looking after her sister Brooke (who’s 11 months) and saying “no, no baby… no, no” when Brooke gets into something she’s not supposed to.

* Brooke flirting with a doctor during an appointment last week.  Brooke has a clogged tear duct that required a visit to the Opthamologist.  He played games with her to get her to look one way or the other.  She kept giggling and gave him the smile, tilt head, shy away look.  I couldn’t believe my 11 month old was flirting!

* While we were driving to the store the other day, I looked in the rearview mirror and caught Leah teaching Kami how to sign one of the vacation Bible school songs.  This was one of my favorite moments and makes all the crazy stuff (see “Complete Chaos” post) worth it.

* Kami has been insisting she buckle herself in her booster seat and carseat.  The 2 yr old independence is here!

* Leah getting VERY upset (tears, kicking, meltdown type) because she can’t chew bubblegum – if only that was all I had to worry about!

* I’m beginning to think Brooke is part monkey.  The girl climbs on everything… 

Brooke found her way into my office (which she does several times a day) and decided to use my plastic storage container for a trampoline.  Maybe I should clean up my office so there’s not so much good stuff to get into. 😉

Brooke can climb and stand up on the rocking chair.  If I had to put money on it, I’m guessing she will be our first child to get stitches.

* A great visit with some old friends this past weekend.  It was great to see Sean and Lisa  – thanks for the strawberry pie!


Another Sneak Peek… June 29, 2008

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Here you go.  Final designs went to the printer.  Plans to print in 7 to 10 days.  Yeah!

These are from the “Spicy Pumpkin” Collection.  Remember – they will not be printed on white stock…so they will look a tad bit different.  Hope you like them!  I’m a fan of “orange” too! 🙂



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I just have to say that my hubby has been awesome this weekend.  I was completely exhausted Friday night from a very long week of single parenting.  Not to mention I was still on the mend from having my wisdom teeth out.  I was sooo tired and he has been so sweet.  I received flowers Friday afternoon – sunflowers which brightened my day.  He let me sleep in until 10:00am on Saturday morning.  I can’t remember the last time I slept in – especially until 10:00!  He washed all of the laundry in the house (and put it away).   He took all 3 girls to the grocery store.  He mowed the yard.  He let me take a nap today.  He made dinner.  He bathed the girls.  He even went to Wendy’s tonight to get me a frosty.  I’m still having some pain from the surgery so he’s really been a blessing this weekend.

Hun, I know you don’t read my blog very often but I love you bunches!


Happy Birthday Tracy! June 26, 2008

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Happy Birthday Tracy!  I tried to find one of our high school pics with our awesome hair-dos, but didn’t have any luck.  😦  Tracy and I have been friends since high school – we were band geeks together!  Have a great day chiquita!! 


Some pics from Leah’s party

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I’m finally getting to Leah’s birthday pics.  We celebrated at Integrity Gymnastics.  It looks like the kids had fun…

Thanks everyone for helping Leah celebrate #5!


Kelly Green or Orange?

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Let’s just say that Jillibean Soup might package some scrapbook embellishments in the future.  Would you, as a consumer, be drawn to a kelly green package or an orange package…or neither? 

Thanks in advance!


Complete Chaos June 25, 2008

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Brooke needs a diaper change…Brooke needs a bottle…Kami needs a tissue…Leah wants to color…Brooke’s in my office getting into things…Kami is crying because Leah pulled her thumb out of her mouth…Brooke fell in my office…Kami needs a diaper change…Leah wants breakfast…Kami is persistently saying “duce, duce, duce”(juice)…Brooke is taking all the wipes out of the wipe container…Kami has her yogurt all over the table and down the front of her…Leah needs help getting her dress on…Brooke just threw her cereal on the floor…Lily needs out…Lily needs her pill…Brooke gets through the gate and starts climbing up the stairs…who left the gate open?…Leah wants the batteries for her new camera…Kami spills juice on the couch…Kami spots a bug on the floor – eww, Mommy get it…Brooke gets through the gate again…who left the gate open?…we all go upstairs so Mom can take a shower…Brooke does not like it in our bedroom…I’m shaving my legs…Brooke starts screaming, she’s stuck under my oval shaped full length mirror…I get out of the shower, soaking wet to help her…Kami needs a diaper change…Kami gets dressed…Brooke is down for a nap…I comb my hair…Leah wants a snack…Kami gets 20 different toys out at the same time…Kami wants a snack…Kami wants “duce”…Brooke is awake…Lily needs out…we go to Target…ahh, everyone is buckled in in the car…2 kids in the cart, one walking…Leah wants stickers…Kami and Brooke want some cheerios…Leah wants some princess stuff…Kami is in my purse…a woman says “Maam, she’s standing up”…she’s talking about Brooke standing in the front of the cart…”oh my gosh”, I say…I buckle Brooke in…Brooke starts crying…I give Brooke my cell phone…I decide it’s time to go…we head home…Everyone eats lunch…all 3 are down for a nap…quiet.


Prayer Requests

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My husband has a co-worker who recently found out he has an aneurism.  Dave could use some prayers.  Also, Leah has a little friend who recently got some bad news.  To keep things private for the family, I won’t share…please keep them in your prayers. 


Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!! June 24, 2008

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Leah turns 5 today!  So very hard for me to believe!  Leah was born 7 weeks premature after 3 long months of hospitalized bedrest.  We are so very blessed to have her in our lives.  She is such a strong, independent, funny, vivacious little girl. 

We love you bunches!!






First Sneak Peek!!! June 23, 2008

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OK, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share any designs just yet.  My paper is still in the process of being printed.  This is from the “Cream of Mushroom” line.  It’s one of my favorite designs.  Please keep in mind that it will be printed on a different medium and not on white stock. 

I hope you like it as much as I do!  Thanks for looking!