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Garage Sale May 18, 2008

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So I’m getting ready to have a garage sale.  With our family increasing in size each year (we’ve added 2 little ones in the last 2 years) – we seem to have accumulated sooooo much stuff!  I am completely overwhelmed!  I don’t know how a family of 5 can have so much stuff!!! 

I started organizing earlier in the week and the first day Leah saw all of her toys that were for sale, she cried.  The last time we had a garage sale we sold her workbench.  She still remembers that!  One thing that she wants to sell is the game “Operation”.  It was an Easter present from the Easter bunny but Leah does not like it!  She hides behind the chair anytime anyone else plays it.  I’ve convinced her to keep it so that she can play with her cousins – we’ll see. 

I’m having mixed feelings with selling some baby stuff.  I know in my mind that we’re done, I’m just not mentally ready to get rid of everything.  I guess there’s still a possibility for more still lurking…  We really need to fix that!



Cards… May 14, 2008

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I’m going to load a few cards.  I apologize for the graininess of the cards – I’m using a new scanner and did not scan them at a very high resolution.  These are the cards I used for my cardmaking party this past weekend.  If you would like to know any of the items used for the cards – shoot me an e-mail. 

I recently bought a Cuttlebug and several embossing folders.  I love this embossed paper!! 

Love, love, love kraft paper!!!

Thanks for looking!!




Pictures May 13, 2008

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OK, so I finally got some pictures in here.  Yeah!  Hopefully more to come.


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Pretty Princess

This is my oldest, Leah.  She will be headed off to Kindergarten in the fall.  Time seems to be passing by so quickly…


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Great smile

This is my middle child Kameryn (we call her Kami).  Right now, she’s in the terrible two’s – even though she’s not quite two yet.  She will try her best to make you laugh. 


Pictures of the girls…

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Cutie Pie Brooke

This is my youngest Brooke.  I love this picture of her!  I love the puckered lips.  She had just started crawling and was headed towards the camera.  One of those lucky shots.




Mother’s Day May 11, 2008

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I love my girls!  Today was a fun day even though it rained all day long.  We enjoyed breakfast at “Rise and Dine”.  This was our first experience there.  Overall it was good.  The girls were getting restless by the time we got seated.  Kami started pounding on the table with her knife, opening the creamers and butter, and wiggling in her seat.  When her chocolate chip pancakes arrived, she insisted in touching Mommy with her chocolate/syrup covered hands.  Oh, what fun! 

After breakfast, we went to the mall for some playtime and a little shopping for Mommy.  Of course we had to stop at Cheryl’s cookies to get our favorite cut-outs. 

Finally, I enjoyed a NAP and some nice quiet time.  I don’t want to say that this was the best part of my day but it was.  I hardly ever take naps anymore, so this was such a nice treat! 

Happy Mother’s Day!