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Photography May 26, 2008

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I took about 500 pictures last month.  You can imagine how many I take in a year.  We will be headed to the beach soon and I know I will fill up my card a couple of times – thank goodness for digital!  My children are used to seeing a camera in my hand.  So much so, that Leah poses with her hands on her hips,  Kami runs from me and Brooke – well, she hasn’t caught on yet.  I’m always in search of the the perfect photo.  I also keep thinking of the 3 pictures I have of myself when I was an infant…yep, that’s right – 3!  I was the third child and apparently, there wasn’t enough time to take pictures of me! 

Speaking of photography, I attended a seminar last week with my friend Holly (thanks again Holly).  The main focus of the seminar was lighting and it was given by Ed Pierce.  I was quite impressed and quite overwhelmed.  Do you know when you have your professional photos taken that the photographer is looking at your face/body for your imperfections?  Yes, they’re looking to see if one ear is higher than the other or if your eyes are level or if your forehead is too big.  Their main objective is to make you look good, so they immediately look for your flaws and configure the best lighting to hide them.  I  did not know this, nor do I ever think about it when taking photos.  Now, everytime Holly takes our family pics, that’s all I will think about!  I’m not sure she can compensate for my numerous flaws!  She has been known to cut off part of my arm to make it skinnier. 🙂

OK, so I started telling you about how many photos I take.  Thought I would share some from the past month…

 How can you not love a face like that!

I walked into the laundry room and found Kami sitting in Brooke’s carseat.  Seems we all would like to be younger…

Leah had “cowboy day” at preschool…this is her eating breakfast in her pretty princess cowgirl hat.

This is a picture of Brooke’s first major boo boo.  She’s pulling herself up to a standing position all the time now.  She was standing beside the couch and biffed it.  Her face slid down the side of the couch as she was going down.  Ouch! 

Kami didn’t want anything to do with the cowboy hat.  We had to bribe her with chapstick in order to keep it on.  Chapstick is a favorite in our house.

Sleepy girl Brooke fell asleep while eating.  Love this picture!

Hope you enjoyed them! 




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  1. jenn Says:

    LOVE these photos of the girls!!!

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