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Garage sale was a huge success… May 26, 2008

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I know you could care less about our garage sale and whether or not we made any money.  I just have  a funny story to share.  On Friday, the first day of the sale, I was more interested in making money than just giving our stuff away so I would barter back and forth with people.  I don’t know why, but it irks me that someone only wants to pay $1 for something marked $5.  Anyhow, by Saturday I was just ready to get rid of stuff and really didn’t care.  I gave away $45 worth of stuff for $30.  So, funny story…my husband would not give a $2 shirt to an elderly woman for $1.50.  I loved it!  This little lady comes over to the table and asks if I would take $2 for (2) shirts priced each at $2 (so $4).  I looked at Eric and he said he would take $3 for the 2 shirts.  Well, this upset the lady so she decided to only buy one and then wanted it for only $1.50 and he wouldn’t give.  He stuck to his guns.  She did buy the shirt.  I think she wanted to throw it in his lap, but she bought it.  Still cracks me up. 

By the way, my husband read bits and pieces of my blog tonight and I don’t think he liked the “10 lbs” post.  Wait until he reads this…


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