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10lbs May 18, 2008

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Why is it I always have 10 lbs to lose?   I’m sitting here with my husband on the couch and he’s eating a chocolate brownie with ice cream on it.  It smells yummy.  I would love some but I’m headed to the beach in a couple of weeks and I need to get into a bathing suit!!!!  Aaaahhhh! 


Garage Sale

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So I’m getting ready to have a garage sale.  With our family increasing in size each year (we’ve added 2 little ones in the last 2 years) – we seem to have accumulated sooooo much stuff!  I am completely overwhelmed!  I don’t know how a family of 5 can have so much stuff!!! 

I started organizing earlier in the week and the first day Leah saw all of her toys that were for sale, she cried.  The last time we had a garage sale we sold her workbench.  She still remembers that!  One thing that she wants to sell is the game “Operation”.  It was an Easter present from the Easter bunny but Leah does not like it!  She hides behind the chair anytime anyone else plays it.  I’ve convinced her to keep it so that she can play with her cousins – we’ll see. 

I’m having mixed feelings with selling some baby stuff.  I know in my mind that we’re done, I’m just not mentally ready to get rid of everything.  I guess there’s still a possibility for more still lurking…  We really need to fix that!