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Weekend April 28, 2008

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Monday – back to the day to day grind.  I can’t believe Leah only has 3 more weeks of preschool.  She will miss her friends.  She’s registered for Kindergarten next year  – hard for me to think about. 

The weekend was good.  I had a fun shopping trip with my friend Sarah.  We went to the Ballard’s Outlet and to the new IKEA in Cincy!  I haven’t been to an IKEA in several years so it was fun.  This was Sarah’s first trip to IKEA and she’s already planning a second.  Why does it seem if something is too good of a bargain to pass up then I buy it?  I got the cutest little galvanized (love galvanized stuff!) buckets which I will use for candle holders.  They were 3 for 0.99!  Who can pass that up?  I also bought some some magazine organizers for my office.  Seems like I purchase every scrapbooking magazine there is on the market.  I need to post a picture of my office.  You would question how anyone can run a business out of that office!  Unfortunately, it’s right off of the family room and has french doors.  Everyone that comes into our house can see right in.  We will definitely have a different floor plan in our next house!

Well, off to get the girls a snack.


And we’re off… April 23, 2008

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OK, so I’m new to this.  I’ve read other blogs and don’t know where people find the time to keep up with it!  I’m going to try.  Plus, I’m not sure I have the ability to write interesting stuff!  I certainly won’t post everyday, but will do my best to keep up with it.  Now, to learn how to do this…